Welcome to Nobinas external whistleblowing function at Interactive Security International.

The Nobina Group includes several different companies (see above), although the name Nobina is used concerning everyone of them on this website.

By clicking on the "Report your case here" button you will get to the registration page. Your notification is completely anonymous.

Send your report by using one of the following options:

  • Use the encrypted webform on this page. Simply click the "Report here" button.
  • Send an e-mail with your report
  • Call Interactive Security Hotline, weekdays 08.00-16.30. Tel: +46 770-177010
  • Sending letter to:
    Interaktiv Säkerhet
    Norrgatan 10
    432 41 Varberg
    SWEDEN Dont forget to write "Nobina Whistleblower"

What can be reported through the function

A whistleblowing function is designed to detect serious irregularaties like:

  • Economic crimes such as bribery, fraud, forgery or violation of internal control procedures.
  • Corrupt misuse of senior position.
  • Major deficiencies in workplace safety. 
  • Serious environmental risks.
  • Major effect on Nobina's vital interests.
    (For example, if someone does not work according to Nobina's rules or values.)

What can´t be reported through the function

  • The whistleblowing function does not include alcohol or drug problems, minor work environment problems, or other things that should be reported and handled via regular reporting routines.
  • Dissatisfaction with public transport, such as late departures or lost items, is also not handled via the whistleblower function. For these general complaints, please contact to the customer service for each traffic area.

This is how your report is handled

All received reports are handled promptly by the company Interactive Security, acting as an external partner to Nobina.

All reports will receive a unique case number, which you use for all further dialogue with Interactive Security on matters like additions or status of your case.

When a new report is received by Interactive Security, it's immediately anynomized.

The anonymised case is then forwarded to Nobina that decides if the report will be investigated further or not.

Whether the report is investigated further or not, status of the case can always be reported back to the whistleblower if contact details was submitted when the report was made.

External agent Interactive Security is completely independent of Nobina and acts as non-disqualified part in relation to the actual event.

Phone calls are completely confidential and will not be recorded.

No IP addresses are recorded.