Why has Nobina introduced a Whistleblowing service?

Nobina has opened up this service where our employees can speak up about suspected corruption, irregulations and malpractice without fear of retaliation. 

What role does the external partner play?

Interactive Security International handles all incoming cases and makes sure that the whistleblower can be anonymous and also feel secure and safe. Interactive Security can also act as an agent between Nobina and the whistleblower if more information is needed to investigate the case further. 

Who can make use the service and make a report?

A report can be made by any employee of Nobina, the company group or any external person.

What can be reported?

A whistleblowing service is designed to detect serious irregularaties. This may include bribery, corruption, fraud or forgery. It can also involve serious cases of safety hazards in the work environment or haressments. If you are unsure whether your complaint is comprised of this, you can still send a report. However, it is not certain that the case is investigated further. The service must not be used to spread falsehood or make false accusations of any kind.

What can´t be reported?

  • The whistleblowing function does not include alcohol or drug problems, minor work environment problems, or other things that should be reported and handled via regular reporting routines.
  • Dissatisfaction with public transport, such as late departures or lost items, is also not handled via the whistleblower function. For these general complaints, please contact to the customer service for each traffic area.

Who will investigate my case?

All reports are assessed initially by Nobina designated process owners or the equivalent. Usually this person is a senior position in HR or within Internal Audit, an ethics council of Nobina may also act as the receiving party. Subsequently, an investigation is initiated either internally or externally, depending on the nature of the matter.

Is there a risk that my contact details will be forwarded to Nobina?

The external partners have safe and secure procedures to make sure that your contact details and personal data will not be passed on to Nobina.

Can I be anonymous?

Of course you can be completely anonymous when you leave your report. We still recommend that you leave contact information to enable the external partners to contact you if we need more information about your report. Interactive Security has then the opportunity to reconnect with you with case status and CCG Europe may involve you in anonymous dialogue and cooperation in the investigation and solution development.

Can I find out the status of my case?

You can always contact Interactive Security who in turn will contact Nobina to get the status of your submitted case. However, it is important that you have your unique case number for Interactive Security to be able to help you.

How can I submit a report?

You can choose any of the three following options to submit a report.

  • Use the encrypted webform
  • Call Interactive Security Hotline, open weekdays 08.00-16.30. Number: +46 770 177010.
  • Send an e-mail to: nobina@whistleblower.se

Can I get help when I submit my report?

Interactive Security is not a counselor, but act with your wellbeing in mind and can provide assistance if needed. We are here for you as a whistleblower to make sure that you feel safe and your voice is heard.